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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - George W Bush

George W Bush


James Bredin

I think I like George W Bush
Like I like listening to that big guy Rush
My politics and I are simple enough
On September 11th it all turned rough
We needed someone to point the way
To get these terrorist hidden away

Then George himself came on TV
To address the Congress and you and me
Told us ‘bout these terrorist types
They needed to be put behind the pipes
Hiding over in Afghanistan
In caves and rocks and called Taliban

A long way away in a dangerous place
Hidden under rocks in their al quadra base
Came on TV, didn’t stutter or mutter
Till someone dropped a daisy cutter
And then it all stopped and Osama left
And no one felt in the least bereft

Where could he have gone with those four wives
Did any escape with their sordid lives?
Osama’s long beard is getting quite gray
They’re waiting for him at Guantanimo Bay
And among all this mayhem George had the guts
To give the Americans big tax cuts

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