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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - G20 Nov. 2001

G20 Nov. 2001


James Bredin

The G20 met in Ottawa one fine day last November.
While Paul Martin of Finance told them all to remember.
That this war on terrorism should be ‘bout forgiving foreign debt,
Of the poorest countries in the world least we forget.

And this anti terrorism enthusiasm should cover all their tracks,
To tax and spend and do the right thing and blame it on anthrax,
Or maintain the present taxes with in Canada are the highest,
And push their propaganda to show that they’re not biased.

‘Cause Canada has a Charter that gives "everybody" rights,
And Canadians are all enthused about these incoming flights,
Of terrorists and refugees with their very strange names,
Meeting immigration lawyers to ply their courtroom games.

Forget all those protesters and the International Monetary Fund.
Rich countries should contribute to some special secret fund,
And send all that stash to their sound socialist friends,
Call it "Globalization Equalization" and pretend to make amends.

‘Cause Canada sends "equalization" to Quebec each year,
Six billion sixty-cent dollars and no one sheds a tear,
Raise taxes if you have to; the World Bank will understand,
And forget what happened to the South African rand.

And like Quebec, they’ll all so pleased -- no debt-ridden nations,
‘cause only good things can come from these guild-ridden donations
No terrorism, no separatism, and no huge Swiss bank accounts,
But don’t mention Shawinigan and all those hidden amounts.

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