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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Forbidden subjects in Canada

Forbidden subjects in Canada


James Bredin

The Access Act hides the facts and where Liberals go,
It defies common sense that they don’t reap what they sow.
Despite their dishonesty and their shenanigans in Shawinigan,
Canadians who should know, keep electing them back in again.
Therefore Canadians will get exactly, just what they deserve,
And Indians claiming provinces for their personal reserve,
And refugees and terrorist claiming all their Charter rights,
In those midnight arrivals on all the incoming flights.

There’s money in multiculturalism tied up within the Charter,
For an illegal immigrant or refugee inclined to be a martyr,
And the immigration industry with lawyers without much fear,
Is waiting at the gates with great portfolios and a leer,
To defend these types with all their might they’ll go to any court,
All the way to the Supreme Court just to thwart terrorist transport,
At taxpayers’ expense of course these lawyers sit and wait.
Show contempt of this continent so no fanatics get the gate.

Proportional representation is a subject they want banned,
‘Cause the Liberals would be a minority by a line in the sand,
Though half the democracies in the world have this system now,
This dictatorships hasn’t heard of it ‘cause the Liberals wont allow,
I’ll not tell you any more because you might be inclined to talk,
Get yourself in trouble, pointed out as a right wing hawk,
But mention it in passing, whisper to your MP if you dare,
‘Cause she never heard it either - she’ll nod his head and stare.

Bilingualism is a monster with bureaucracy wall to wall,
Pushing French in provinces and places that never heard of it at all,
Not that French is bad, if you knew what they were saying,
You’re not bilingual; don’t know French but your income tax is paying,
Why can’t Canadians allow Quebec to keep all the French they’ve got,
Instead of pushing it everywhere whether we want it or not,
‘Cause referendums are another thing the Liberals wont allow,
A referendum on bilingualism might change everything right now.

Equalization welfare payments is another way to kiss up to Quebec,
‘Cause the separatists might start again and cause an awful stress,
So they’ll buy them off with billions added to the national debt,
But praise their balanced budget; no dollarization allowed yet.
But when the dollar slowly slides all the way down to a dime,
They’ll tell us to celebrate ‘cause it’s just up from nine point nine.
Liberals call an election whenever they please -- maybe five years,
It’s their decision; pile the propaganda as they hide their arrears.

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