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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dollarization



James Bredin

Canadians often receive lessons from preachy politicians,
Loud Liberals who lack responsibility like drugged up musicians,
Make announcements about the value of the Canadian dollar,
"Doesnít reflect the underlying fundamentals," they holler.

"The loonie is undervalued and itís not their responsibility.
Itís the currency speculators," they point, "in all probability,
And the sixty cent dollar will cause impetus for growth."
They sound mighty like a collective lying under oath.

If not the Liberals in Ottawa or Central Bank domination,
Who can we blame for this devaluation misinformation?
Is it not this type of nonsense that contributed to the decline?
Not the currency speculators whom they continue to malign.

These tax and spend politicians refuse all responsibility,
Theyíre impervious and the Access Act hides their culpability,
As the loonie lost seven percent to the US dollar last year,
And Canadian currency future looks bleak and austere.

The loonie lost thirty seven percent since nineteen seventy one,
And Liberal propaganda canít prop it up as itís being undone,
And the national debt has now reached six hundred billion,
And they forgive foreign debts way up in the zillions.

When the Canadian dollar decline drops down to a dime,
Ďcause Liberal propaganda will never get it to climb,
Someone should tell the Liberals Ďbout Argentinean frustration,
And in this global economy itís time for dollarization.

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