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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dead-zone Lawns

Dead-zone Lawns


James Bredin

The giant chemical tankers appear in April every year.
Up and down the street they go concerned and sincere,
They spray chemicals and pesticides on our cosmetic lawns,
And those who watch are happy amid stretches and their yawns.

These chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides then all disappear,
But they leave tiny signs on the lawns so there is no need to fear,
With a small list of chemicals - all registered of course,
With the government and politicians and they will endorse.

When these chemicals disappear, they go somewhere else,
Like the winter ice that faded away in the ground -- it just melts,
And the children who play where they poured the chemical soup,
Can’t read the signs, nor can their friends in the group.

Does all this matter or are these chemicals immaterial?
Are they deadly, are they poisonous or are they even bacterial?
It took twenty or thirty years for them to band DDT.
‘Cause it was killing all the birds to no small degree.

How could anything be wrong with all that neat carpet grass?
No weeds, no worms, no honeybees or dandelions to pass?
The government is going to wait for the other shoe to drop,
Like the thalidomide-children connection that maybe this should stop.

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