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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Commission to save all refugees in the world

Commission to save all refugees in the world


James Bredin

A Liberal politician thought she’d form a commission,
And she’d gain recognition for her socialist ambition,
She’d finally make a stand and get it all prearranged,
Say nothing to the taxpayers or those others deranged,
A spontaneous crusade for parliamentary parade,
In line with the Charter and just what they’d prayed,
She could rush to relocate all refugees on the globe,
Travel first class just to prod and to probe.

The lefties and the loonies would all stand and cheer,
In the political sphere this would improve her career,
And what if a terrorist or two might slip past,
It’s Liberal good intentions that can’t be surpassed,
It’s the Charter of Rights that has saved the nation,
And besides that she needs a nice foreign vacation,
And everything will be so politically correct,
The Americans can nod and just show more respect.

The Access Act will hide those along for the ride,
Eight pages of secrets they need not confide,
‘Cause the Charter is sacred or haven’t you heard?
Though Quebec didn’t sign it, not even one word,
And when those refugees claim refugee status,
Buildings of lawyers will join the apparatus,
And Canadians will cheer ‘cause it’s all so clear,
The Access Act and the Charter and nothing to fear.

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