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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians never complain

Canadians never complain


James Bredin

There has to be a reason why Canadians wont.
Is it the sixty per cent who vote or the forty percent who donít?
Is it the conspiracy of Liberals shacked up in Shawinigan?
Pulling their stunts to stay and get voted back in again?
Is it the money they reroute and call it equalization?
To keep regions sedated on a welfare vacation?
Is it the incoming refugees who within three years
Vote Liberal with the other special-interests and queers?

Is it the West who know before they even vote?
They will not be represented and they canít build a moat.
They could complain all they want but what the heck.
Ottawa is too busy sending equalization to Quebec.
With the fearful fervor that Liberals alone are right,
Like religious fanatics born again and bright,
They will lead us along and no one will complain
Dour dictatorship that views democracy with distain.

And the other secret knowledge that has long disappeared,
Like those twenty two police investigations into HRDC arrears,
Or the lack of referendums or set election dates,
Itís bilingualism and multiculturalism and other Liberal dictates,
They donít care for callbacks, elected senators or flat tax,
Their travels hidden by the Access Act as they tax to the max,
And Supreme Court appointees dressed up like bishops,
Changing pedophile laws that should make you feel suspicious.

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