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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians are not allowed to think

Canadians are not allowed to think


James Bredin

Canadians are seldom allowed to think,
Itís Liberal propaganda in layers and a wink,
Their ominous control of news and the media,
Is denied with every phrase in the encyclopedia,
Canít stop refugees and terrorist arrivals,
Itís just that those loud mouth political rivals,
Know how the refugees will eventually vote,
In three years time though theyíre strange and remote.

ĎCause multiculturalism is the unspoken contract,
Locked Liberal votes and everything is compact,
Itís the Liberal system of long-term survival,
Refugees claim their Charter rights on arrival,
Itís a big industry full of wall-to-wall lawyers,
Liberals and government their indirect employers,
And Chretien himself, he wrote the Charter,
Back in the days of President Jimmy Carter.

No currency combination, no dollarization or vote,
If itís not Liberal policy; they will not promote,
No referendums or recall; they call it hypocrisy,
No recall of politicians in their vast bureaucracy,
No term limits; theyíll rule Canada for life,
Like a marriage made in hell to a domineering wife,
And the dollar dives down while the Access Act,
Hides Liberal movements and all their tracks.

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