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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians Are Well Trained

Canadians Are Well Trained


James Bredin

The Canadian dollar didn’t drop to sixty-two cents overnight,
And the so-called floating loonie is still sinking out of sight.
It was a gradual process of humiliation and recognition,
Of national degradation and acceptance by submission.

A training process in approval from step A to step B,
And after a respectable period a descent to level C,
A slow gradual training process all the way down,
By tax-and-spend politicians who maybe fool around.

But they cover their tracks as they tax and give some more,
Call their appointed friends to back them to the core,
Loose a billion, give a billion, does anyone even care?
Canadians have been trained, they wouldn’t even dare.

And so the dollar drops another step down to level D,
The humiliation continues among Canadian bourgeoisie,
And those who even protest are not considered patriotic,
Indeed they should be checked for an illegal narcotic.

There was no public outcry, no recall -- nothing problematical,
No dispute or dissent as politicians became fanatical.
Their confidence in their system just grew and grew and grew,
And eventually the loonie slid down to sixty-two.

Good for tourists they said, therefore better down at thirty,
Canadians will accept it; they never protest - that might be down and dirty,
The pattern will persist progressively one step at a time.
You wont even notice it - as smooth and slick as slime.

They avoid responsibility, blame those currency speculators,
Or those right wing conspirators and other manipulators,
And push their propaganda about insignificant events,
They’ll forget in a few days; it only dropped a few cents,

Are we compelled to stay the course all the way down to zero?
Is there a musical politician out there called Mr. Nero?
What will we get when the dollar drops down to a dime?
Would we celebrate because the previous day it was 9.9?

And when they control almost every paper in the land,
And their bureaucracy and programs expand and expand,
And tax and spend till Canadians are not free until September,
So the dollar sinks and the taxes rise and Canadians can’t remember.

I cannot tell you how to counteract this terrible situation,
For fear you might be a member of the Canadian congregation.
Therefore you have been trained and no need for you to care,
Though your dollar is still diving and you may not be aware.

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