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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian dollar on the way down

Canadian dollar on the way down


James Bredin

There was a time when Canadians felt proud about their dollar.
Twenty-five years ago it felt good and Canadians could holler,
But slowly the Canadian dollar lost one or two cents a year,
And the tax-and-spend politicians said nothing to fear.
We shouldn’t feel humiliated; the low value was good luck,
And it didn’t matter if the loonie would soon be half a buck.

They said it was good for tourists coming here to spend their money,
But Canadian in Florida didn’t think this was very funny,
And the Liberals just forgot about paying down the national debt,
As they doubled their pay and took everything they could get,
As they traveled the Third World free fervent and first class,
And the pages of the Access Act hid all their moves and fast.

We can afford to be big spenders the Ottawa crowd say,
Give a billion, loose a billion; it’s neither here nor there.
We have certain commitments and our intentions are all good,
Only red necks and right-wingers have never understood.
We have to feed the hungry in far and distant lands,
And allow terrorists and refugees in especially Taliban.

Canadians will just have to forget all their pompous pride,
‘Cause we’re going to take the bank for one hell of a ride,
And when the loonie value is equal to a US dime,
The RCMP and the ethics guy will back us every time.
‘Cause the Charter said "everyone" and their votes are secure,
And then we buy an election by sending millions to our poor.

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