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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Supreme Court

Canadian Supreme Court


James Bredin

The Charter of Rights was written by Trudeau in nineteen eighty two,
And the changes that have occurred since then, no one expected or knew,
They’ve changed the laws a hundred times - more than parliament has made,
Parliament turned to a TV pantomime and the people felt betrayed,
But the propaganda of the media said everything was great,
Judges could change the laws and no need for parliamentary debate,
And those MPs who were elected to go to Ottawa and write laws,
Could join committees, travel the world or write letters to Santa Clause.

These judges are secretly selected by Chretien to serve on high,
Dressed up like bishops ‘til they turn seventy-five or die,
And base their decisions on their private Charter interpretations -
No questions, no demonstrations, no deportations or complications,
‘Cause Canadians are compliant - they have been told to obey,
And they would never believe that maybe they’ve been led astray,
‘Cause unlike the Americans, Canadians are not allowed to ask questions,
Of these secretly selected nobodies from nowhere on nobody’s suggestions.

Questions are forbidden ‘bout hidden agendas, policies or homosexuality,
Or connections to lobby groups, feminists, pedophilia or morality,
The policies and laws that they’ve changed are too many to just list,
But any little study will show that someone’s getting kissed,
‘Cause the Charter of Rights is being imposed whether we like it or not,
And Canadians are being allowed to do absolutely squat.
We’re not allowed to notice the flaws in their laws,
And this is all being done by folk dressed up like Santa Clause.

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