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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Status Quo

Canadian Status Quo


James Bredin

Canadians as a whole have never been trusted,

'Cause to change the status quo we could get busted,

We're not allowed to vote for our own prime minister,

Backroom cabals control, organize and administer.

Canadians can't vote for those in the senate,

It's a lifetime appointment for those who can win it,

Nor can we vote for a new governor general,

This systems set in stone granite and mineral.

We're never allowed to change the constitution,

Because those who could, avoid this solution.

Neither can we have proportional representation,

'Cause politicians believe it's bad for the nation.

And binding referendums are never allowed,

Could bring the whole status quo under a cloud.

Political callbacks are absolutely forbidden,

Constituents don't count -- they're always overridden.

It doesn't matter if the politician is a drunk,

Gone out of the country and is doing some junk,

And no term limits means they can repeat for life,

We wait for their election, regardless the strife.

Tax and spend politicians like to travel the jet set,

Never mention the six hundred billion national debt,

And all these travels are hidden by the Access Act,

'Cause they fear how Canadians might overreact.

It's multiculturalism and bilingualism, that's the rule.

And Francophonie policies added to be cruel.

Add to that, welfare and equalization payments,

For phony refugees and all the many other claimants.

They pump their propaganda out by the hour,

Just to make sure they hold on to their power.

There's still one or two journalists who have not been bought,

Still some sanity in a state that's so overwrought.

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