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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Socialist Propaganda

Canadian Socialist Propaganda


James Bredin

Be generous and giving regardless of the cost,
Otherwise, the socialist say, the opportunity could be lost,
As our dollar drops down towards a dime and we’re poor,
Equal like communists from their 70-year tour.

Liberals prime their propaganda with their socialist shtick,
These pompous politicians with prose that will stick,
They pump the illusion that Canadians have a duty,
To give until they’re broke - all that taxpayers’ booty,

They write budgets that never pay down the national debt,
Or increase the dollar value; they haven’t bothered yet,
And Canadians behave as though drowsy at the wheel,
Unaware they’re being lured to send their last meal.

Because a country cannot bear to be bankrupt and broke,
Or have a dollar worth a dime in a national-debt yoke,
Or soldiers that can’t fight because of they’re undermanned,
Or a Supreme Court that changes every law in the land.

Billions sent to sandbag other socialist regimes,
Dictators by the dozen shouting slogans and extremes,
Devoted fellow travelers helping one another,
Card carrying cadres calling comrade or brother.

So when the day finally comes and we cannot leave town,
Because the dollar is a dime and we all wear a frown,
And the refugees and terrorist have gathered all ‘round ,
And their socialist friends have disappeared and all gone to ground.

Remember where you read, that this would come to pass,
And I’m not an economist with a ball made of glass,
So be careful when you listen to pompous politicians,
With their hidden agendas and their twisted ambitions.

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