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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Politically Correct Media

Canadian Politically Correct Media


James Bredin

Most Canadian journalists know what their employer allows,
They are watched and warned about these certain sacred cows,
Say good things about friends and socialist in certain high places,
Or they’ll be replaced at the desk by new and obedient faces.

In this privilege of employment, self-censorship cannot be spoken,
Or find themselves out, unemployed, homeless and maybe even broken.
Just pump out the propaganda that we’ve got that free press,
With feel-good expressions; no need to digress ’bout currency distress.

And the people in Ottawa all love this self-censured attitude,
And they think up a hundred hidden ways to show their gratitude.
The sacred cows of the Charter must remain intact,
And incoming refugees arrive ‘til Canada is packed.

And all those prisoners; they have rights and need to vote,
No national DNA book for them and don’t know one promote,
Why change the constitution because everything is fair,
No proportional representation; no need to despair.

Canadians don’t need to vote for their prime minister,
‘Cause he is chosen by his party friends - nothing sinister.
And the date that we’ll vote will be chosen by him,
It means no voting by date or going out on a limb.

What if those people out West are never represented?
It’s multiculturalism and bilingualism should be augmented.
They should learn how to vote and they’d feel better inside.
Listen to CBC and no right wing jekyll and hyde.

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