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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Pandora#s Box

Canadian Pandora#s Box


James Bredin

So you think youíre good because you just got a raise in pay,
But the value of the $C dollar dropped down another cent today,
So calculate and you will find your take-home pay went down,
But no one told you not to go and celebrate on the town.

The Canadian economy runs on these hidden wage cuts,
Which breeds low productivity and politicians without guts,
With our standard of living going down just like the value of our dollar,
When it dives to a dime, we will celebrate in squalor.

And the union guy told you how to vote and what to think,
Itís solidarity, the status quo, pay raises, the $C dollar and a wink,
Weíve got multiculturalism, bilingualism and equalization to Quebec,
Missing billions and Shawinigan in this multicultural wreck.

We can all celebrate the CBC and propaganda by the hour,
Soft power and send billions to every Third World power,
And Minister of This and Minister of That visiting all those places,
But not enough sailor or soldiers to man the ships or the bases.

But never mind the $C dollar may rise again they say,
Sometime between now and the long awaited judgment day,
Itís "purchasing power parity" they claim, a phrase they thought up,
Their opportunity to confuse and use their own measuring cup.

And the Access Act hides where they go and what they do,
With eight pages of forbidden stuff thatís completely hidden from view,
And the parliamentary TV pantomime only shows who is talking,
Not the hundreds of empty seats of those traveling or those walking.

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