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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian National Parole Board

Canadian National Parole Board


James Bredin

The Parole Board people I’m sure are precise nice and bright.
It’s a pleasant appointment for those connected and polite.
Their secrets and the reasons for their decisions are well kept,
Concealed and unseen under the carpet where they’re cautiously swept.
After all they are allowing criminals to walk free among folk,
After a third of their sentence to murder, rob, steal or choke,
Or maybe rape, shoot a policeman or rob a bank or two,
Or a precise pedophile, near a school to pounce on a child and subdue.

And those who killed their neighbors and escaped the hangman’s paws,
They’ll let out in fifteen years because of the "faint hope" clause,
That our politically correct politicians wrote into the criminal code,
In their rush to push their policies, this on Canadians they bestowed.
Even though their statistics show, half these criminals will return,
For violating parole ‘cause it’s not their fault, it’s parole board concern.
And everyone is functioning within this madhouse administration,
Overseen by politicians, the members and the prisoners who all make a donation.

Combine these lenient sentences and the easy early release,
That increase the danger for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
But don’t ever point the finger, that the system might be bent,
Or tell the parole board and politicians, it’s time to relent.
‘Cause they’ll point a finger back, call you racist or redneck,
Or member of the vast right wing conspiracy from below decks.
While they’re busy counting refugees and culling immigrant votes,
And those released from prison are busy cutting peoples’ throats.

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