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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Dollarization

Canadian Dollarization


James Bredin

It’s been thirty years since Canadians felt proud,
And now that pride seems dressed in a shroud,
The dollar at sixty, soon to be a dime,
A slow steady downward decent all the time,
This dreadful death brought by politicians,
Who behave as though they were rock musicians,
As they tax and spend and travel the world,
As though the national debt had never occurred.

Is there a point where Canadians will react?
Or is everything hidden by the Access Act?
Are we locked in dictatorship all the way down?
And follow the rand as they did in Cape town,
Dropped to nine point eight to the dollar,
Getting very close to the dirt and the squalor,
Is Canadian faith in the Liberals so supreme?
Will we reach a point where someone will scream?

We have come to the stage for dollarization,
Before they teach us ‘bout Argentinean frustration,
And everyone is hired in the government collective,
Like socialist communist broke and defective,
And the unions all rule and solidarity is strong,
And the lineups are long and everything is wrong,
And we can blame everything on somebody else,
‘cause there is no pride; no pride in oneself.

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