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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Democracy

Canadian Democracy


James Bredin

Canadian democracy at the moment is a sham,
And unfortunately Canadians don’t seem to give a damn.
We get an election when the prime minister gets cold feet,
Or the Auditor General’s report is going to bring some heat,
Not because the dollar is doomed and diving towards a dime,
Or the Liberals are spending in the Third World big time.

TV cameras are not allowed to show their empty seats,
And no Liberal needs to show any travel receipts,
‘Bout their travels in Africa or Iran or Iraq,
Or talking with the Taliban or some communist quack,
These Liberals are into pork in such a big way,
Shawinigan the grand example of an ongoing pork buffet.

The Liberals now know they can buy an election,
Purchase provinces or people or their organized section,
With taxpayers’ money they bribe and cover their tracks,
And when asked in parliament they deny all the facts,
No conflict of interest just ask the appointed ethics lad,
Or the appointed Mounty and all the answers are sad.

They tried to call Mount Logan, Mount Trudeau,
And enshrine the Liberal name way up on a high plateau,
This was the man who wrote a Charter of frivolity,
That denied us property rights and lied about equality,
It gave "everyone" rights and that’s every terrorist in sight,
And they’re all lined up at the airport claiming refugee rights.

Liberals appoint senators, avoid term limits or systemic changes,
And act as though nothing is wrong with dollar exchanges.
They appoint without questions Supreme Court guys and gals,
Without election dates or referendums or any rational,
No paying down but increase the horrendous national debt.
It’s multiculturalism and bilingualism and everything for Quebec.

The CBC will tell us all about culture and tradition,
And tell us ‘bout our heritage without asking our permission,
‘cause they have a mandate to pump out Liberal propaganda,
And anything and everything in their in their socialist memoranda,
Canadians need a constitution for the people in the west,
So they can feel represented and no longer feel depressed.

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