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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Charter of Rights

Canadian Charter of Rights


James Bredin

Never underestimate the arrogance of pompous politicians,
As they recklessly change conditions to coincide with their ambitions,
And cheerfully write charters for "everyone’s" delight,
And get the queen to sign it as though everything’s all right,
Then no questions are allowed ‘cause this Charter’s consecrated,
Like the secrets of the judges to ensure we’re dedicated,
And the refugees and the deportees and terrorists by the score,
Try trains and boats and planes because Canada’s an open door.

And then they claim a place to stay with lots of welfare money,
For themselves, their wives and fifty kids -- their demands are far from funny.
And then these terrorists on welfare, they hide and meet and plot,
Or move across the US border if things suddenly get hot.
Why turn up for deportation if you’re busy on that date,
In Afghanistan with the Taliban or with Bin Laden in debate.
And a Canadian might ask himself, will this make me a martyr?
As the judges and politicians will hide behind their Charter.

They tax and spend or appoint their friends to the highest bench,
These appointees all smile quite pleased and even speak in French.
Their appointment-for-life has no strife ‘cause no questions can be asked.
And all that prejudiced special-interest past lies secret and unmasked.
Canadians are expected to bow their heads and be submissive,
Father knows best - that’s the test - we have to be permissive.
And guess who wrote the Charter and gave them all that clout?
And Canadians still accept it and they’re told to have no doubt.

There is no democracy when orders come from way on high,
Dictatorship and despotism is painless for politicians who can lie,
Propaganda and party politics meant for the media twice a day,
Tyranny is total when the socialists have their sway,
The shenanigans in Shawinigan was the handwriting on the wall,
Lack of democracy and bought elections could be Canada’s downfall,
Even now there is no cry ‘cause party politics is the crime,
As the dollar slips ever downwards slowly slowly towards a dime.

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