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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Budget 2001

Canadian Budget 2001


James Bredin

Canadians have been conned since nineteen ninety three
That’s when the lousy Liberals promised no GST
But they kept the GST and increased the national debt
Six hundred billion plus are the numbers we get

So the Canadian dollar slid down to sixty-two cents
When it dips down to nine we’ll all be living in tents
Liberals will be happy ‘cause they always have a plan
To visit Third World friends and improve on their tan

And then they’ll celebrate when it comes back up to a dime
Because the previous day it went down to seven point nine
When the national credit cards have all been maxed out
And bankruptcy is bleak before Liberals are put to rout.

They’ll just tax and spend as usual and forget about numbers
Forget about the currency, the grumblers and the mumblers,
It’s their policies they point to all those people who are poor
In foreign fields far away where they’ve just been on tour

We should worship all the icons the Liberals loudly tell us
Like Trudeau or the Charter and all socialists who are zealous
And give all these refugees, those who have three or four wives
Welfare like the Senate for the remainder of their lives

They call it security financing as they tax and spend some more
Though the currency has gone through a hole in the floor
When the shenanigans in Shawinigan don’t bring any shame
‘Cause the Mounties and ethics guy said no one was to blame

And Canadians are mesmerized by all this fancy footwork
Of crooked politicians who bring budgets down like clockwork
And then they buy elections with published explanations
Billions or millions to the proper province or organizations

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