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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canada - US Amalgamation

Canada - US Amalgamation


James Bredin

There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come.
Nor anything weaker than tax-and-spend politicians having fun.
These are the reasons why Canada and the US should integrate,
Before the Canadian dollar becomes a dime and we start to disintegrate.
We still have time while we gag on their steady propaganda,
These silver spoon socialists scream sovereignty and sip on the veranda,
Or call us rednecks or racists from their cell phones in their villa.
We are bound to Queen and Charlie and even Camilla.

They’d like us to forget that six hundred billion national debt,
Six times Argentina’s and they’re not finished rioting yet.
It burns up one third of all our taxes just to pay the interest,
Nothing off the principal as it climbs with their disinterest.
Nor have we finished hearing ‘bout Shawinigan in Quebec,
Nor their conflict of interest when we were right up to our neck,
‘cause they can buy an election when they get the opportunity,
And the RCMP and the ethics guy make sure they have immunity.

No politician is allowed to think an independent thought,
They are bound to party politics and their votes have been bought,
There are no term limits so they repeat without strife,
Like the judges and the senators appointed for life.
No questions asked about vested interest or even lobby groups,
‘cause appointees are perfect like our helicopters and our troops,
Though majority politicians only represent one in four,
Forty percent of the sixty percent who voted and they score.

Canadians are not allowed to vote for their prime minister.
He is chosen by his friends which maybe good or quite sinister.
But Americans are open and get to vote for their president,
While Canadians are presented with a prime minister in residence,
And then he appoints his friends to be senators and judges,
Or governor general with a husband not allowed to show grudges,
But never alter the Charter or let Canada change,
Or amalgamate with the US despite the currency exchange.

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