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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - CHRETIEN



James Bredin

Prime Minister Chretien travels here and there a lot,
Regardless of the cost, he never seems distraught,
He speaks to us in sound bites from very far away,
From Israel or India or maybe Bombay.
And like all Liberals he shouts his good intentions,
While the TV in the Commons hides the abstentions,
But he claims to have our best interests at heart,
Though only Liberals choose him right from the start.

He’ll not change Trudeau’s Charter or the status quo,
As the CBC pumps propaganda Canadians should know,
He appoints all the senators and the high court judges,
His commissioners of ethics and police without grudges,
While these judges change the laws without our consent,
And the others all cement to ensure democracy is bent,
Canadians are not allowed referendums or recall,
We should concentrate on hockey or maybe baseball.

And Shawinigan got more money than the entire West,
No inquiry, no questions and who could have guessed?
And bilingualism is pushed except in his Quebec,
Where they’re unilingual French, so what the heck,
This is the man who doubled the national debt,
While we pay the highest income taxes on earth,
Refugees keep coming and maybe terrorist too,
Claim Charter rights and jump immigration queue.

Chretien will soon tell us he wants to stay for life,
Like Mugabe or Castro - no term limit strife,
No free votes in parliament while he is in power,
Or proportional representation to spoil his hour,
No flat tax or callbacks or even election dates,
No dollarization or amalgamation with the United States,
And CIDA keeps announcing his socialist agenda,
From some far off place on a tropical hacienda.

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