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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Bow Your Head Towards Ottawa

Bow Your Head Towards Ottawa


James Bredin

Mainstream media trains us to read and believe,
In strong central government and not be so naïve,
‘Cause they know what is best and they know their truth,
And they repeat it relentlessly to impact the polling booth.

We should all turn towards Ottawa and slowly bow our heads,
And thank them for being so good to us - those tax-and-spend feds,
For sending more money to Shawinigan than the entire West,
‘Cause prime minister lives there -- who could have guessed?

They’re proud to prevent poverty with plenty of their grants,
To brothers and sisters, in-laws and out-laws and aunts,
To owners of golf courses and every other little parishioner,
Okayed by the appointed ethics guy and the RCMP commissioner.

There’s no dilemma in moving money because it’s not theft,
Arranging loans is not stealing of whatever money’s left,
Absolutely no conflict of interest if nothing can be proved,
Especially when the ethics guy and the RCMP approved.

Opposition allegations, they claim, are morally and ethically wrong,
"They’re just jealous ‘cause we got the voters and we’re strong,"
Only forty percent of the sixty percent who voted that’s true,
But in first-past-the-post; that’s all we need - just a few.

They bury behind the myth of the fine federal bureaucracy,
With modest democracy and heaps of hypocrisy pushed by autocracy,
Duplicity and disloyalty, deceit, dishonor and deception,
Moving money here and there is the rule - not the exception

And their media takes their myth and repeats it and repeats it,
It has to have the ring of truth or the professionals would delete it,
You can follow the dollars but there’s nothing you can do,
With their majority in parliament they can just screw you.

There’s no need for an inquiry for dishonest politicians,
They appoint all the commissions to cover their ambitions,
‘Cause your money has already gone to every peculiar place,
For foundations through CIDA, HRDC - there is no disgrace.

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