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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Another Poem #Bout Trudeau#s Charter

Another Poem #Bout Trudeau#s Charter


James Bredin

Government propaganda holds Trudeauís Charter high,
Canít be changed properly though Mulroney did try,
They got the Queen to sign it as if everything was right,
Not for Canadians -- written for "everyone" in sight.

That means phony refugees - Ben Laden if he comes,
Four wives and fifty kids and all those terrorist bums,
Sworn to be martyrs to make us miserable and sad,
Thus Trudeauís Charter shows just how far weíve been had.

The document denies us rights to our possessions,
No property rights mentioned -- land or concessions.
It claims equality for all but Indians are particular,
Their Treaty rights are special and extracurricular.

And if they claim an island, a province or a city,
The Supreme Court will bow down and act very witty,
And no one will proclaim the notwithstanding clause,
ĎCause Canadians think Trudeau was close to Santa Clause.

All this is a lesson in how people can be led,
Charter to the garden path leads to communist hell,
The document is flawed in so many many ways,
Is it possible to go back to the pre Trudeau days?

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