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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Advice to a new Canadian MP

Advice to a new Canadian MP


James Bredin

Canadian democracy is a complete sham
Exaggerated by journalists and political hams
Who think because we had an election
We bought into dictatorship and their sense of direction

Canadian MPs are not allowed to represent
Themselves or their constituents to any extent
Because party policy rules the House
And if they’re smart, they’re quiet as a mouse

They get advice when they arrive on the hill
From some party hack with discipline to instill
"Forget everything you ever knew; we rule here
We’re the majority with the authority so have no fear.

"Talk all you want but do it in committee
Tell jokes, sing songs and even be witty
But vote as you’re told and never be bold
‘cause you too could get kicked out in the cold

"Nothing will change the present political setup
It’s party politics, stick to the policies and no letup
We will send the money wherever we want
And the opposition can ridicule and even taunt

"We can loose a billion or two here and there
You heard of HRDC and the Shawinigan affair
We just brazen it out and call the police
Announce investigations and their questions will cease

"The RCMP and the ethics guy are all on our side
We move millions and billions - so no need to hide
Buy an election with money to the right places
Sit back and then watch the surprise on their faces

"Because Parliament only sits three months a year
Keep your mouth shut and you can have a very long career
Just play by the rules because nothing will change
Forget low currency and don’t mention the exchange"

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