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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Wedding Day

Wedding Day


J D Cully

"The sun shone bright when first we met
Upon our wedding day
But woe is me, the press gang came
And took my love away"

Love was in the airwaves
In the days of 98
And hopefuls in their hundreds looked
Towards the nuptial date

He was taken by her sexy voice
And she was under his spell
They joked about a millennium child
And we all wished them well

As clerics raged and critics sneered
Upon the wedding day
I prayed their love would shut those mouths
A wild card to play

Their honeymoon was wonderful
But rows and strife were the tale
Concocted by the scavengers
Determined to see them fail

With whines of cruelty and callousness
His ex-lover came to claim
Her thirty pieces of silver
And her fifteen minutes of fame

In the back of a car, overcome with stress
See the weary couple go
Into a million newsagents' tills
See the blood money flow

Then came the news they were to part
We blinked back tears of rage
At the smug and sanctimonious sermons
On the accursed page

The scribes they bowled us underarms
Two hearts to ruin fell
Now they have both found love again
We can but wish them well

In the snow on the cricket square
A bride's bouquet lies forlorn
My sorrows I'll drown in 6X
By Birmingham clock in the morn

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