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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Time To Face The Bloody Music

Time To Face The Bloody Music


J D Cully

Itís been building up
Now itís come back round
The time when every week we lay our troubles down
Every Saturday night
Pour drinks and dim the light
And gather round the hallowed screen, the circus is in town

The mediocre drudges
Will never meet the judges
Theyíre ditched in secret rounds held earlier
The deluded croon out of tune
The crazies shout or pose or moon
For your entertainment theyíre invited there

Fanfares and hype galore
To make us think thereís change in store
New faces take their places on our screens
With lovelies on the judging panel
And happy ads to lure us to their channel
But the puppet master still holds sway behind the scenes

Theyíll change the rules from day to day
So their Chosen Ones will get to stay
While some young hopefulís dreams get sent reeling
Everyone says itís a sin
Then next weekend they still tune in
The viewing and voting figures go through the ceiling

Itís time to face the music, time to face the bloody music
Donít you hate this time of year?
The resonant voice of the spirit guide
Announces "Who goes? YOU decide"
Until it almost sounds sincere

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