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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table


J D Cully

I'm steaming at the coffee table
After phoning Meldrew's evil twin
A 13 minute geriatric barrage
Left me feeling fit for the bin
And since I pulled into the front desk
A repressionist bitch flaunts her power
Backed up by her anchor-faced sidekick
To fill the unforgiving hour.

Auntie Denise, your ethos is torn apart
If you saw the proceedings you'd cry
So I'll take my new best friend's advice and keep quiet
Repressionists, just fuck off and die.

They call it just another refusal
And there's no aftercare in sight
They simply baa "Don't take it personal"
And expect that to make it all right
Took me off into Room 101
And fed me on coffee and gyp
Smiled as they showed me a yellow
And warned me "Be loyal to the whip".

I'm brimming with impotent anger
As the bitch and her sidekick combine
They say "You don't know how his day's been"
But they don't give a damn about mine
One message, dishonourable ladies
Who condoned a concerted attack -
I'd love to see you take what I did
Then just shrug it off and bounce back.

We need Little Sister not Big Brother
'Cause we've had far too much of it
Of having your personal worth measured
By your capacity for eating shit
We need treating like people, not robots
We need listening to every voice
'Cause we're fed up with 'one size fits all'
And we have the right to a choice.

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