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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - The Ballad of E15

The Ballad of E15


J D Cully

inspired by a song by Gareth Williams

Those loving couples in the pubs and parks
When you see them, make you want to spew
So look the other way and think of England
That's the only thing that you can do
'Cause you just heard news of her out of the blue
She's found someone, and doing very nicely too
Seven years of hurt finally stopped you dreaming

No-one's ever going to live with you
You'll never buy two theatre tickets - just one
Pick up your pen, get her all out again
While you've the spirit you'll still have some fun

Though you still have that letter from her
It seems unreal somehow
And you might as well write your Fantasy team
On the back of it now
You can be complete on your own
Paint the town red at weekends
Be a poet, be a playwright
Look around at your great friends

Don't define yourself in terms of her
Remember it always rains in Manchester
Forget nine in a row, or even ten
When you see your sister you'll smile again

No-one's ever going to say 'I do'
No hand on yours to cut a three tiered cake
Remember some live unhappy ever after
Call that a risk that you won't have to take

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