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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Soggy Socks

Soggy Socks


J D Cully

Little darling,
It's going to be a long and lonely summer
Since you're gone
I can't see the sense
In the long walk to the Link machine
Or stopping for a newspaper

Love is all around me
And so the agony grows
I see your face before me
On the Top Thirty show
Now as I sit
Reading a Bill Bryson book
Or taking a long ride
On a short train
You swim before my eyes
So attractive in your jade and black halves

Turning the dial
I don't hear Radio Ga Ga
Just, sometimes rasping, sometimes soothing,
Your Lancashire tones

For you honey
I would walk the length of Brentford
In the rain
In my old shoes with the split in
And as the water lapped around my foot
In the shadow of the M4
I'd whistle a Troggs song
Knowing you loved me
Even with soggy socks

The brightest moon of any month
On a mellow summer night
Could not describe
What it would be to have your love now
But this ain't some kind of wonderful
It's life with the lions

But I'll keep on rolling up
Ten bob or a quid
Five times a year just for you
Watching you the only way I can
As, even wrapped in A5 envelopes,
My love remains
What it was in the middle of May
And as vibrant as the carnival
On play-off final day.

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