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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Satellite



J D Cully

Satellite Man won't learn that charging in in hob nail boots
Will gash the wound wide open not mend it
And I'm wondering now how the Duchess of Fife
Can sit there and blindly defend it
Because this went way beyond short fuse
It was just obscene
I waited for him to give it a bloody rest
Then swore in Slovene

Satellite Man, so many years of giving us no choice
How can you be surprised we haven't yet found our true voice?

'Cause the girl from France and the girl next door
Took me higher than anyone before
Alas, soon all my sisters I must leave
So cut me some damn slack and let me grieve
If I play along with the circus of application
He'll treat me well
If I speak how I feel about the situation
He'll give me hell

There's nothing I can say before the dunce's mighty hand
Satellite Man, you can't understand

Does he honestly think we'll be different when he's done?
Saying it with a bunch of fives not flowers?
"The sun will shine tomorrow" - so his daily credo runs
And then instead of sunshine we get showers
He may chant the classified ads at me
And smile to see a compliant spouse
Foul words on female lips are nothing
To if I told the truth about This House

Satellite Man, you'll never know what's going down
You're my number one reason for not moving back to town

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