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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Redbridge Farewell

Redbridge Farewell


J D Cully

From the motorway I would see them on the skyline clear
A beautiful sight signalling that journey's end was near
As they heralded another term, back then they seemed ideal
But they're no longer wanted, says the Provost now, says he
To mark the new millennium demolished they shall be
While down at Mile End they're building Golgothex Cross for real

Three grey sisters in their bosoms held us all
Three grey sisters recording the rise and fall
Of every undergraduate passing through in pudding time
Now it's in with the new in cold white and blue
And onto the District Line

Safe in their arms we would sit late into the night
Looking through a window at the M11 lights
They watched over us as we lay, my first love and I
We starry-eyed kids thought the time would last
But like a Tube train it went by too fast
Now the Provost with his Village plan decrees that they must die

Three grey sisters, it's all up with you
The Chirgwin Bar, the cheese and wines, Pooley and Lynden too
Home to wild, wild women and groovoid guys
As you raised your majestic heads to the skies
Now it's say farewell to the whistles and bells
Get your brand new college ties

To the three grey sisters as waiting bulldozers sit
The motorway bridge poet blows a parting kiss

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