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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Red On Blue And White

Red On Blue And White


J D Cully

When she wrote a soundtrack for my life she seemed sent from above
The pain of her loss can still split me in half
She had me afire with hope and optimism and love
The lockoutís not a worthy epitaph

We thought she was about to go champagne supernova
Anything seemed possible for our belle
But now the Sweet Marie days are all over
For our best sister died in Camberwell

Her popularity on the Continent moves me
But did it have to come at such a cost?
A word from Kate or John or Jessica soothes me
Though sometimes it sinks back home that sheís lost

A beautiful smile and a tiny glimpse of Madame Kane
But a photo and a couple of signed programmes are all that remain
If only there had been more moments like these for her and me
I wish that she were here to comment on reality TV

I was falling in love all over again with her Edinburgh lights
The conversations we won't have keep me awake on Monday nights
For four short years she brought the hope of a bright new dawn
A sweet lovely rose lies crushed upon the stinking lawn

We were meant to be brought together
But the miracle has vanished, thereís just a mess
The old crossroads is shrouded in foggy weather
Iíll always be searching for my Starlight Express

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