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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Memorial



J D Cully

Stood in the park on Sunday
Down by the old memorial
I was thinking about nothing much
And sucking a Werther's Original
When I heard footsteps behind me
And a voice I used to know
Said 'Hi, I'm Sally' with a smile
Just like all those years ago

I gave her my last Werther
She handed me an After Eight
For over an hour we reminisced
About our second date
And the long weekend in Switzerland
Our nights at Liverpool shows
The time we set the sheets on fire
And when she typed me a rose

Our eyes met, we fell silent
Everything seemed to rhyme
And as we drew out the moment
I just stopped myself in time
From leaning forward and puckering up
To kiss those lips again
Then she took out a cigarette
And asked if I'd seen News at Ten

We sang a snatch of 'Lay Down Sally' -
"Oh yes, that was our tune!"
I genuinely wished her well
When she said she'd be married soon
But I thought it rich of her to say
"Don't just give your love to your friends"
I sat there thinking "Well, why not?"
She didn't want it in the end

Then we shook hands and said goodbye
It seemed over so quick
And as she walked back to her car
I strangely felt seasick
I watched her set of for the M11
With my hand over my heart
Then slowly made my way back home
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