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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Man On The Moon

Man On The Moon


J D Cully

To form the 8.13 to Eastleigh
They put another in front of my train
And the very first thing that I knew was
Twenty minutes waiting in vain
And at Havant the buses are waiting
Again they're engineering the track
I'm on first name terms now with the ticket clerk
The control room staff say 'Sod you, Jack'.

So my pal's on his way to the Final
While I take a low ticket punch
Sadly now pull out my mobile
And say there'll be one more for lunch
The wind's cool on my Fair Game T-shirt
Don't like the look of my home town
Hear some folk say it's a beautiful day
But everything here just looks brown

The neighbours relax in the garden
While I stand alone on the grass
A brief smile when Celtic beat Rangers
But now I'm bored out of my arse
Do someone a favour with spreadsheets
And brush up my Microsoft Word
Till it's only an hour till the Boat Race
And Charlton have won - so I've heard

I'm fed up of reading old papers
Won't see my love any time soon
All the people in this house act distant
Say they put a man on the moon
Those girls will NOT be at Manchester
So, Mrs Wren, please change your spin
And my cheque went flying out of my pocket
I'll go and spew up in a bin

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