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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Lady Pineda 37

Lady Pineda 37


J D Cully

How sad it was in Victoria
The signs began to grieve
Mariana would not switch on her phone
And so I had to leave.

Mariana, sitting in her office,
As there away she shied
She never thought of the pain 'twould bring
The day that Sarah died.

There were Fifteen Minutes' stars gazing
From Smith's newsagent's rack
As every new call made with blind hope
Came to her voicemail back.

I wandered all round the concourse
And up and down the aisles
While what had been friendship's sweet red bloom
Lay crushed upon the tiles.

And even Krispy Kreme's finest
Turned to ashes in my mouth
As a punctured and heavy-laden heart
Began the journey south.

Her talk is only of Oscars
She's like there'd never been
The double agony of a sad
And sorry London scene.

The Soho Square bond is broken
The morning's red-eyed truth
Is a lifetime now of clove cigarettes
Black T-shirts and vermouth.

A hawk is cut by a lily
But I will always miss
The beautiful heart that talked to me
And her Pandora kiss.

How sad it was in Victoria
The tiles began to cry
St Catherine, come, bend and bend the bells
And make them ring goodbye.

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