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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Dublin



J D Cully

Does she think just what it led to when she left me with zip
Eating KFC on Barking station
A wasted holiday and a fruitless Dublin trip
And the Wonder Stuff are scant consolation
Gathering the clans for tentative wedding plans
Of the couple I sat next to on the plane
Navigator, navigator, step on down the escalator
And haul your luggage onto the train

So I'm brooding along by the Solent
While she's warming house with her girl
So much for seizing the moment
I think I'll get plastered and hurl

And on this Thursday night, while brightly shine the Bees
Down at the Hammersmith Apollo
With the coaches from Bournemouth, the T-shirts and CDs
I'll be in Victoria feeling hollow
A hundred and twenty blown, I'm manning the telephone
In the land where sickies aren't allowed
Welcome home, I'm back on the site again
Just look at those bloody black clouds

And I'm brooding alone in the Sheepwalk
An Irish song masking the pain
Things can only get bitter
Mel and Tracey won't re-form again

No-one waiting in the car
Took so long to get this far
Cancellation broke my heart
Put the blame on Niki R

And the site's incompetent czar

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