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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Chloe



J D Cully

Chloe, take care of yourself
Enjoy your football and be sure to have some fun.
May the city take her in its arms
As she lies in bed, let her always feel at home.
Please don't tell her that I failed
Or if she knows, then blame it on the trains.
You see, she is so young and pretty
I hope if she remembers me
That it won't bring her down,
For though now there'll be no book
Don't let it hurt her, if she thinks of me at all.

Chloe, now that the millennium's gone,
I played the field and lost and now I'm all alone,
When I make love to your memory in the dark
Can't keep from mulling on what could have been,
What should have been a beautiful year
Crumbled like my birthday cake
And if ever I needed her, it is today.
But I'll never regret, and never forget,
Though I can't hug her memory on a cold and lonely night,
And I wash these dead dreams from my shoes
But can't wash away the traces of 34 blues.

Chloe, take care of yourself,
Have a drink for me if you remember me at all.
Sweet city, take her in your arms
As she lies in bed, may she always feel at home.

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