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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - Brentford & Barnet

Brentford & Barnet


J D Cully

I'm going back to the south some day
Where the chips are divine and the barmaids smile all day
Where the sisters meet and the children start to play

I stood drinking ale by Memorial Wall
As my friends rode away I waved to them all
That was on a sunny day back in '93
But since then the pigeons are all that I see
In the little church I pray they'll return
Hear the Trained Bands say "he's never going to learn"
On May Day I pledged with a friend old and dear
To meet for the first time in more than a year
So when Monday came I used all of the soap
And went into the city with a soul full of hope

But she never showed though I waited an hour in the rain
We said next week and then the same thing happened again

Still the elders give me the same self-righteous whine
A crack on the head and they all fall into line
My merry band has been hacked into decline
In Brentford and Barnet the sun continues to shine

Then on four different days from Ascension Eve
Coat over my nightshirt and heart on my sleeve
Every time my soul sank like a stone
At the words "she can't come to the phone"
Now I'm eating fudge till I'm gorged and stuffed
'Cause it seems nine years just isn't enough
Some say it's her work, some say she's in love

Whatever it is I just can't be sure
The truth is as vague as her reason's obscure
I work on the railway, she sits on her a$
"Save up for the summer and never miss Mass"
Thus spake the priest when they all set sail
And then he went home to his ale

But when she and her boyfriend eat their Christmas pud
Will she remember that once we had something good?
Left to send my verse to my sister
My dominatrix and my bride
And to go out this Lammastide
Hoping to be Shanghaied

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