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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - 1871 Suite

1871 Suite


J D Cully

A leap year comes home and beers foam, and goodbye to the haul
But now there's only disappointment, nothing left at all
The dreams and hype they sold me have faded into drudge
Endless application forms and slogging through the sludge
Hoping that Electric Kate will phone and name the day
But it was only the receptionist saying 'Give your tickets away'
All right Jon - I'm still hanging on

In the doctor's waiting room the voice keeps us on track
As bland and blinkered optimists try to tell me to bounce back
The flower of England's beauty snuffed, and expectant eyes not met
As I arrange my calendar around jobs I'll never get
And while my oppo says his friend sends all her love to me
I doubt she'll ever think how I've been shafted royally
She's having fun in the 1871

Is that all that we came back for?
Rejections and Beatles - nothing more?
Welcome to the millennium town
Welcome to the Great Let Down

The taxi rank's no place to be on a Thursday night like this
And keep your instant platitudes, I deserve at least a kiss
Permanent weekends and marathon shifts were a curse
But giving up your jollies all for nothing is ten times worse
So shame on you, Electric Kate, you just led me a dance
I kept everything clear for you but you never gave me a chance
I have been binned by an idiot wind

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