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The Web Poetry Corner - J D Cully - ***k Violence

***k Violence


J D Cully

I knew being abrupt with him
had been a mistake
as the aggression poured out of his eyes
and he demanded:
"do you want to take me on?"

not being a fighting man
all I could do was freeze
like a rabbit staring
into the headlights of the oncoming car

and round a table
recalling the incident years later
the patronising
"I just forget about it straight away -
it's a shame you can't"
sounds rich
coming from someone
who has never ever
been on the receiving end
in his life

and he and thousands more
act as though it were the normal way
but we are not fooled
violence is bankrupt
a borrowing from the animals
the last refuge
of the moronic arrogant male
who has no other weapon
in his armoury

and the only difference is degree
between incidents like this
and Bosnia
everyone who transforms an argument
into a fight
is another Radovan Karadzic
they all leave ***ked-up victims
in their wake

I have a dream
that we knock down the whole stinking lot
and start again so that
a) we're socialist
b) we're European
c) we're more female-dominated
d) we look out for each other
e) we settle disputes like human beings
***k violence into the sewer
where it belongs

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