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The Web Poetry Corner - Iftekhar Sayeed - The View From The Trishaw

The View From The Trishaw


Iftekhar Sayeed

Dhanmandi Lake -
In the west of Dhaka
Of ten million -
Reposes like the curve
Of a D, a foetus

Posh area
Gridiron of streets
Busy with honking horns
And trishaw bells

Flat bridges used to leap
Over the lake
Connect the grid
The new bridges are arched
Like the hump of a camel

Our favourite hump
Occurs before Road 11
Where, on the right,
The neon ads from the main street
Inform the dark
Waters, and the pale, full moon
Rises low over the Government
Staff Quarters -
Its twin sails towards the bridge

We recross an hour later
Having bought shish kebab
And nan for our dinner
Which lies warm on my thighs
In the cold
Rain-trees conceal
Restaurants on wheels
And the lovers

The moon floats higher
And closer to the crescent
Our trishaw puller
Exerts himself
To the summit of his strength
To pedal across

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