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The Web Poetry Corner - Gaele Arnott - My front Door

My front Door


Gaele Arnott

A family of Blue Wren came to play
and stayed outside the door.
They whistled and sang as they built a nest
of twigs and grass and straw,
right there at my front door.

They called at the windows
with the joy and pleasure and pride
for the beginnings they knew to come.
The new life they were building towards,
sent a joyous vibration shivering to me
from the Creator.
As the pair of wren sang at my front door.

They asked if they could enter in.
As they pecked with their beak at the window,
I chatteringly replied
that inside the house was not what they required.
They had the freedom of the trees
to come and go as they please.
Inside a house had boundaries
of which there was no need
for them.

As they flew and chattered and trilled their song
I listened with beating heart
to the call that the sound of freedom made.
I too, cleaned and polished and had my house shine,
with all the joy contained from a springtime day.
As I worked inside my little house,
they sang joyously of the companionship shared
right there at my front door.

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