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The Web Poetry Corner - Gaele Arnott - Gather the Women

Gather the Women


Gaele Arnott

Women of the world unite
to honour the role they play
in history.
The day has come in this third millennium,
when women could unite,
creating notable vicissitudes
when and where they might.
Limited only by perceptions of truth
within the cultures of integrity
the harmony continues to grow and swell.
Their voices heard, the freedoms gained
is not so esily maintained,
as their sisters of earlier years
had hoped through creation to complete.
Power once given away
is not so easily - restored.
God gave Woman a gift, the right to birth
a future generation.
He created in woman
a nurturing compassion
to share
with a hand of caring concern.
He gave her a gentleness
to strengthen the heart.
God gave her the ability to be able to see
that he and she
were equal and unique.
He gave her the ability within her heart
to know
that he was she.
Women of the world unite
to honour the role the male does play
in history.
Their voices uplift in a prayer of peace
in joyful harmony,
to play the roles of a melody sent
for unifcation of north, south, west and east.
from a benevolent parent in heaven.
Gather the women wherever you may
so the resonance of melody
may flow with compassionate love
to those now ready to hear.
The song has always been within the hearts
of women everywhere.

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