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The Web Poetry Corner - Gabrielle Bajuscik - Or Love

Or Love


Gabrielle Bajuscik

what does shame look like?
is it a cloud filled with rain?
does it get closer and closer every
time I do something wrong?
the palm itself says anger is bad for me
Artisticly it won't come out
I can't draw and I can't paint the list grows ever more
I pulled out an old friend from the rubble
doodled with phone numbers and pictures
it should have been a novel!
not my scribbled traintracks poetry
no one understands could it be that in truth I do
so I try and confuse?
what does anger look like?
is it masked in the voice of a sad song?
is it tears and flesh?
or a mood ring?
a magenta lavender spread
exchange the T for a D and buy an old memory
I need to find a new aproach to life
without the suspicion that comes with walking away
of saying something wrong
of being judged
what does harmony look like?
is it a braclette?
is it in the yellow bead or the mirrored one?
is it the glass of a lake?
or in myself?
should there be familiarity?
or love?
or love.

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