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The Web Poetry Corner - Fred J. Calef (III) - Dream of the White Turtle

Dream of the White Turtle


Fred J. Calef (III)

Taken from the womb of beach sand
Directly into the sterile scientific world
To see if you could remember
The place of your origin

For fun
The scientists put you into a plastic poison
A PVC nightmare of tubes, pods,
Vents and portals self consuming
Held in this white dessicated pool of forced salinity
Your shell has grown white from lack of natural contact

They pull you from your 'home'
Efficiently drag you through
The narrow hallways scraping your fins
Down stairwells and through too thin doorways
And place you into another watery sarcophagas

This one is monitored for every variable
Of 'natural' change
As they pour sand and sea
From your birthing ground
Through a pinholed vent

They are attentive to the gauges
For changes in temperature, pressure, motion
Anything to prove thier prophecies<

But besides a few futile attempts
To tear through the grate
They ignore the change in salinity...

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