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The Web Poetry Corner - Francis Duggan - On the passing of Dave Sheehan

On the passing of Dave Sheehan


Francis Duggan

Dave Sheehan worked for the Cork County Council and I'd known him since I was a Primary school going boy
A gentle soul one who kept a low profile and one might say he would not harm a fly
All those he came in contact with seemed to like him and a bad word of him not one had to say
For a big family a good bread winner and he worked hard till his retirement day.

One of the founder members of the Slanan Rovers a gaelic football club in the Parish of Millstreet
When Slanan won the day he felt so happy though he was one who too smiled in defeat
The Slanan Rovers as a club now defunct but nothing lasts for forever so they say
Perhaps the club lost out to emigration the migrant boats took the young men away.

I last spoke to Dave Sheehan in the mid eighties and that's going back seventeen years ago
In mid november in the town of Millstreet the weather it was cold enough to snow
We talked about the birth of Slanan Rovers in Cloghoula where the Finnow waters flow
He and Neil Lehane and Danny Healy and Frank Riordan founder members from their ideas a football club did grow.

From the green country side around Cloghoula the young men they went off to live elsewhere
And the Slanan Rovers club for lack of numbers was quick to founder into disrepair
The older players had been getting older and the young men had their own dreams to pursue
And another Gaelic club went from Duhallow that without players the club won't survive seems so true.

Dave Sheehan from Carrigacooleen gone forever in quiet old St Mary's he now lay
But in Duhallow he won't be forgotten and his soul will live for forever and a day
A gentleman and liked by all who knew him in life he never made an enemy
And sad to think that when I return to Millstreet that he is one I never more will see.

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