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The Web Poetry Corner - Angelbaby - Soulmate




Love is not a choice.
You can't choose to love someone.
Not the love that lasts forever.
Love is a feeling, a power that overcomes you.
It is something that you just know and can not deny.
It is a feeling of overwhelming strength that makes you want to cry.
You know when your love is forever.
It's in the eyes, and in the embraces.
Eventhough you hold eachother tight, it just isn't tight enough.
If they were in trouble, you would trade your life for theirs.
The slightest touch warms every inch of your body, as if your souls connect, as though they were once joined before being put on this earth.
If that person leaves, you are left with every memory.
How warm their lips are, how they smelled, the way they laughed, everything.
You feel them walking by before you even look.
But above all, you remember their eyes.
The eyes that speak without words.
Those eyes reveal your heart and you can not lie.
Don't look into those eyes, they will capture your living breath, and will never let you go.
Trapped within the memory of their love you remain forever.
Your heart waits until they return.
Even if you marry another, and so do they, sill, your heart will wait.
It waits even when your dead, to be reunited with the one that was always meant for you.

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