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Video Stores - File #9

Video Stores - File #9



ZIP - 95901

Longs Drug Stores Marysville Main Store
830 J Msvl
Marysville, CA 95901
Phone: (916) 742-3206
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Jedi MasterThe Jedi Master Speaks

Willy shares his immense knowledge about the Internet, programming and design, both from a technical and philosophical viewpoint. A must-see for anyone engaged in Web design, promotion and maintenance.

Sundance Video
2004 Covillaud St
Marysville, CA 959013834
Phone: (916) 742-3279
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Teen Movie CriticTeen Movie Critic

The original Teen Movie Critic's reviews, over 500 of them, remain on the Web, although Roger retired, at the age of eighteen.

Video City
19 12th St
Marysville, CA 959014901
Phone: (916) 741-1266
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Gift of YouthThe Gift of Youth

You too can be healthy. You will feel healthy just reading these words of wisdom from an experienced fitness trainer named Gypsy.

Excel Video
6000 Lindhurst Ave
Marysville, CA 959016129
Phone: (916) 749-9418
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Web Poetry CornerWeb Poetry Corner

A place where you can publish your poetry alongside hundreds of others.

Video Palace
5817 Feather River Blvd
Marysville, CA 959016643
Phone: (916) 743-3929
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How Can You...How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

These guys are trying to be the voices of modern libertarianism (sort of). Actually, they will be satisfied if they can get you to laugh...or...to think.

K V Video
1835 N Beale Rd
Marysville, CA 959016912
Phone: (916) 743-4834
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Gypsy's Photo GalleryGrandma Gypsy's Photo Gallery - Urban Beauty

Grandma Gypsy's Photo Gallery is a collection of amazing urban photographs, all taken within a few blocks of her inner-city residence.

Loma Rica Video
11408 Loma Rica Rd
Marysville, CA 959019507
Phone: (916) 743-2807
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SurrealismModern Surrealistic Art

This is truly beautiful artwork by a genius artist living in Bandon, Oregon PLUS that of a wonderful artist from Baltimore, MD.


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