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X Files
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What I am about to say will probably get me hunted down and killed, but the truth must be known: I was disappointed in the X-Files movie. Yes, I know hundreds of thousands of loyal fans will want my head for saying so, but I cannot lie. Only a devoted X-Files fan will enjoy this movie.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are, of course, the infamous Scully (Anderson) and Mulder (Duchovny), two FBI agents researching the possibility of extraterrestial life. When the X-Files are shut down and they return to regular FBI work, they are blamed for a bomb blowing up a building. As it turns out, the FBI is just trying to cover up the deaths of several people infected with an alien virus. Once on the trail, Scully and Mulder stumble upon one scary thing after another, and Scully is infected with the virus. Now it's up to Mulder to the vaccine to Scully in order to save her life.

Sorry, but most of The X-Files is in the typical horror/sci-fi movie range. Although it's exciting for a short time, you will only know what they're talking about - if you watch the television show. (If you're clueless like me, you probably won't get this movie either.) And if you're going because you just want to see the terrific special effects of slimy aliens, blood, and gore, it really doesn't serve the purpose either - with a PG-13 rating, X-Files is not a gloriously gory bloodbath like the all-time great Alien movies. After all that, the ending just leaves you hanging and confirms almost nothing!

My Rating = Two Stars

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